mercredi, janvier 24, 2018

Prof. Alexander Broadie: A few philosophy lectures

Existential Philosophy Network | Ajoutée le 6 déc. 2017
Alexander Broadie (University of Glasgow) 
- Keynote Address: 
Franco-Scottish Philosophical Exchanges from the Medieval Period to the End of the 17th Century

Existential Philosophy Network | Ajoutée le 23 nov. 2017
Existential Philosophy and Literature 
- September 2017 Conference
Alexander Broadie: 
A Seventeenth Century Franco-Scottish Discourse on Radical Evil

Study of Religions, UCC, Ireland | Ajoutée le 11 avr. 2017
Prof. Alexander Broadie:
Scotland and Ireland: Religion and Enlightenment

University of Glasgow | Ajoutée le 8 avr. 2013
Prof Alexander Broadie, University of Glasgow, speaking at the conference on:
Faith and the Search for Certitude: Religious, Phenomenological and Existential Perspectives 
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By Dr J. Glenn Friesen:
Dooyeweerd’s Idea of Modalities: The Pivotal 1922 Article 
(Philosophia Reformata, Vol. 81, Issue 2 (2016), 113-155.)
PDF (33 pages)
"Dooyeweerd ... dismantles Kant's logical categories and instead puts forward the idea of intuited modalities. And Dooyeweerd uses the scholastic idea of ‘meaning moments’ to individuate these modalities from totality." (JGF)
By Herman Dooyeweerd 
(Translated extracts by J. Glenn Friesen):
The Idea of the Individuality Structure and the Concept of Substance: A Critical Investigation into the Thomistic doctrine of being 
(translation of “De Idee der Individualiteits-structuur en het Thomistic substantiebegrip: een critisch onderzoek naar de grondslagen der thomistische zijnsleer,” Philosophia Reformata 8 (1943), 65–99; 9 (1944) 1–41, 10 (1945) 25ff, 11 (1946) 22ff.
PDF (31 pages)
By Dr J. Glenn Friesen:
A Response to Roy Clouser’s Aristotelian Interpretation of Dooyeweerd
Philosophia Reformata 75 (2010) 97-116.
PDF (25 pages)
"Roy Clouser has recently compared the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd and Aristotle. He finds their ontology to be 'strikingly similar' except that Dooyeweerd has a different 'divinity belief' concerning the Origin or Archè of the cosmos. [...] Clouser is wrong."
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Dooyeweerd Studies