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Dooyeweerd: The radical unity of God’s law transcends temporal diversity

Johannes Vermeer, The Milkmaid (1658–1660)
“To illustrate totality and temporality, Dooyeweerd uses the image of the prism. Totality is analogous to white light before it is refracted by a prism into many colours. In this analogy, the prism is cosmic time, which refracts the totality into the differentiated and  individuated temporal reality. The unrefracted light is the time-transcending or supratemporal totality of meaning of our cosmos, both as to its law and subject sides. And just as this unrefracted light has its origin in the Source of light, so this supratemporal totality of meaning has its origin in the Arché or Origin by whom and to whom it has been created. The totality and deeper unity of meaning ‘must transcend its modal diversity’ (NC I, 102; WdW I, 66-67).” J. Glenn Friesen, p7 Dooyeweerd, Spann, and the Philosophy of Totality’ (pdf)
(Also called Aspects/ Modes of Consciousness/ 
Modalities/ Modes of Meaning)
“To the question, what is understood here by religion? I reply: the innate impulse of human selfhood to direct itself toward the true or toward a pretended absolute Origin of all temporal diversity of meaning, which it finds focused concentrically in itself." 
(Herman Dooyeweerd, Prolegomena, 
New Critique of Theoretical Thought, p57)
Dooyeweerd: The radical unity of God’s law transcends temporal diversity

The radical unity of God’s divine law truly transcends the temporal diversity of ordinances. It is revealed to us through Christ as the commandment to love God and our neighbor, a love that must proceed from an undivided heart, embrace our entire understanding, and call upon all our strength. This is the religious fullness, the fulfillment of the law, which reflects the way in which the religious concentration point of our entire temporal existence is located in the heart. 

But according to the divine world-order, this unity of God’s law is attuned to a rich temporal pluriformity of law-spheres, through which the manifold wisdom of God is revealed, just as the heart or soul of a human being is attuned to the body and understood as a created whole whose interwoven individuality structures comprehend all the functions of a person within all the spheres of temporal life. 

As little as the soul can be substituted for the body, so it is impossible to substitute the religious commandment of love for the pluriformity of divine ordinances in the various normative aspects of human society. The temporal moral law, which governs the moral relationships here on earth, is just one of the many aspects which the divine law exhibits in its refraction of meaning. The moral aspect is indissolubly intertwined with all the other law-spheres; when it is absolutized it loses its moral meaning.

In this sense, the moral law in its positive form is also intertwined with history, just as legal norms, social norms, lingual norms, and so on. To deny this indissoluble coherence is to succumb to a rationalistic metaphysics of natural law; to try and reduce the positive moral law, positive legislation, and so on, to “historical phenomena” is to fall headlong into the evil of historicism.
Extracted from:
Herman Dooyeweerd, Time, Law, and History: Selected Essays Series B – Volume 14, ‘Law and History’, Paideia Press, 2017, pp 412-413)

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Westminster Brexit Debate: All SNP MPs walk out

Wings Over Scotland | Ajoutée le 13 juin 2018
Comment by James Kelly (ScotGoesPop) -
Indyref2 Blog -
BBC Scotland’s Political Editor claims SNP “orchestrated” Commons walkout

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BBC 'Reporting Scotland' fails to report positive economic news for Scotland

'Reporting Scotland' fails to report positive economic news for Scotland
(Indyref2 11 June 2018)
BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme has failed to report not one, but two independent reports showing Scotland’s economy booming.

On Monday morning a report emerged showing Scotland’s economic growth had outperformed the rest of the UK.  The good news was boosted when another study revealed Scotland had achieved record foreign investment in 2017.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon acknowledged the significance of the exceptional economic performance.  Following news of the inward investment, she tweeted: 
“With Brexit reducing UK attractiveness overall according to this report, there is certainly no room for complacency – but the detail of this (which is well worth a read) shows another year of outstanding Scottish success in attracting investment.”
The SNP leader later commented on the economic growth figures: “Scottish growth ‘outpacing UK as a whole’ – good news to add to last week’s HMRC figures showing Scottish exports rising faster than other parts of UK – and this morning’s @EYnews survey showing another record year for inward investment to Scotland.”

However, despite their obvious significance, neither story featured on BBC Scotland’s flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland. The programme covered items including organ transplants, buses, trains and an item on Scottish troops in Iraq.  Below is a short clip showing the intro to every news item.

The failure to cover the excellent economic news is in stark contrast to the considerable coverage afforded downbeat economic forecasts eleven days ago.
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Trump au G7 : un sommet à 6 contre 1 ? (L'Esprit public du 10/06/2018)

France Culture | Ajoutée le 11 juin 2018
L'Esprit public ce dimanche avec Monique Canto Sperber, philosophe, Sylvie Kauffmann, éditorialiste au Monde, Wajdi Mouawad, dramaturge, directeur du théâtre de la Colline et Thierry Pech, directeur général de Terra nova.

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'New fund to help independence movement get ready for Scottish referendum' by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp (Business for Scotland)

'The Kelpies', Falkirk (Sculptor: Andy Scott)
New fund to help independence movement get ready for Scottish referendum
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp 

Last week’s announcement of the creation of a new fund, the Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF), which offers financial support to the grassroots independence movement, is just another nail in the coffin of this unfair and unbalanced Union.  I am proud to have made a personal donation to the Scottish Independence Foundation and that BfS has been able to offer them the chance to be the first to move into our Glasgow Independence hub.

The last few weeks have seen All Under One Banner marches attract impressively large crowds in Glasgow and Dumfries. Business for Scotland (BfS), had a hugely successful launch of our Independence Ambassador Programme — aimed at training grassroots activists in the skills required to educate, inform and convince friends, neighbours and acquaintances to believe in an independent Scotland. Finally, the SNP took possession of the Sustainable Growth Commission report. Research has shown that the Scottish people now trust that Scotland’s economy will thrive with independence – It’s all kicking off.

The SNP has realised it can’t wait any longer as the grassroots part of the movement is self-organising and getting ready to win a referendum in this term of the Scottish Parliament.

The constitutional question has changed: everyone knows there will be a new Scottish independence referendum, we just need to watch how Brexit plays out and use the fact that the Scottish First Minister will be able to choose the timing to our advantage.
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'Dùghall Bochanan (1716-68): Sealladh Ùr air a Bheatha is a Bhàrdachd' le Dòmhnall Eachann Meek

Dùghall Bochanan (1716-68): 
Sealladh Ùr air a Bheatha is a Bhàrdachd
le Dòmhnall Eachann Meek

"’S ann anns an aon bhliadhna – 1767 – a nochd an Tiomnadh Nuadh Gàidhlig agus an leabhar laoidhean aig Dùghall Bochanan.  Bidh mi gu tric a’ beachdachadh air dè an ceangal a tha eadar an dà leabhar.  Am faod e a bhith gur h-ann mar thaing airson na rinn e air an Tiomnadh Nuadh – gun aithneachadh bho bhuidhnean no bho eaglaisean, agus le glè bheag pàighidh – a chaidh an leabhar aige fhoillseachadh?  An e Seumas Stiùbhart a bha air chùl a’ ghnothaich, ’s esan, seach duine sam bith, a’ tuigsinn luach na h-obrach a rinn Dùghall aig deifir ìrean?"
Leugh an aiste air fad