mercredi, juin 21, 2017

Scottish Independence: Political economist and leading thinker on tax Richard Murphy says Yes

Ajoutée le 20 juin 2017
Richard Murphy is a political economist, author, chartered accountant and one of the world's leading thinkers on tax and how it can change society. He advises the Trades Union Congress on economics and taxation, and a long-standing member of the Tax Justice Network. Richard is Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University.

Just 10 years ago it was difficult to take the idea of Scottish independence seriously. Now Richard sees leaving the UK as the only way for Scotland to reach its full economic and human potential. In this special extended episode Richard discusses the economic forces powering the Yes movement, dismantles the case for GERS and looks at the key issues of currency, investment and taxation that must be addressed to win the independence argument. The prize is a better Scotland.

Richard Murphy's BOOK: 'The Joy of Tax: 
How a fair tax system can create a better society' 

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