samedi, juin 17, 2017

BBC Scotland: Unaccountable and out of control

Unaccountable and out of control
GAPonsonby (14 June 2017)

It’s unaccountable and it’s once again out of control. Rampaging across Scotland’s political landscape, this media beast is roaring on behalf of its Union masters and the noise is deafening.

I refer of course to BBC Scotland. The institution has gone into hyper mode as it seeks to promote the cult of Ruth and kill off Indyref2.

BBC Scotland is engaging in the act of undermining Scotland’s democratically elected government. The broadcaster is ignoring the result of the general election and, instead of acknowledging the mandate of the winning party, it is promoting the demands of the parties that lost.

Running in parallel with this attempt to delegitimise the result of both the 2016 Scottish election and last week’s general election is a glorification of Ruth Davidson who led her party to defeat in that general election.

The veneration of Ruth Davidson has reached hysteria levels at BBC Scotland. The corporation has bestowed on her a status afforded only heads of government.

Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives returned thirteen MPs, Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP returned thirty five. Yet the First Minister played second fiddle to an MSP who carries no mandate whatsoever for Scotland. Moreover, Ruth Davidson has finished a distant second to Nicola Sturgeon in three successive elections.

An incessant attack on Scottish democracy is being carried out by a so-called public service broadcaster. Remember that the SNP won a majority of Scottish seats in this Westminster general election. Notwithstanding some significant losses, they emerged with more seats than all three Unionist parties combined.

Yet British Nationalist losers are setting the news agenda by dint of having refused to accept the result. They’re also trying to erase the democratic mandate won by the SNP in the 2016 Holyrood election. And there’s the rub. We’re watching democracy being strangled.

It’s not a coup but it’s as close as you can get to it without removing the party of government. If Nicola Sturgeon was to bow to this media assisted pressure then why bother with elections at all? 
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