mercredi, septembre 07, 2016

La malédiction des Kurdes : Christine Ockrent (Affaires étrangères : France Culture)

Les ères kurdes, carte de la CIA vers 1992
Crédits : Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at The University of Texas at Austin
La malédiction des Kurdes 
Christine Ockrent  
Affaires étrangères : France Culture

Voilà plus d'un siècle que l'Histoire tient en cisailles les Kurdes, disséminés entre 4 pays, en Turquie, en Irak, en Iran et en Syrie. Pourquoi les Kurdes sont-ils laissés pour compte? Jusqu'où Erdogan peut-il pousser son avantage depuis le coup d'état de cet été?


The West is betraying the Kurds. It’s a new low in global affairs.
by Brendan O’Neill (SPIKED! 8 Sept 2016)

There are, as always, many shady and cynical things happening in international affairs. But perhaps the worst, the most offensive to anyone who has a modicum of belief in progress and democracy, is the betrayal of the Kurds. Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq have fought more valiantly than any other group on Earth against ISIS, and how is the West repaying them? How has the West, whose leaders breathlessly brand ISIS the new ‘fascists’, rewarded the Kurds for their years of tireless combat against ISIS? By giving a green light to a new war on the Kurds by Turkey, and by seeking to prevent the creation of a Kurdish homeland in Syria. The Kurds take to the frontline against the barbarians of ISIS, and the West stabs them in the back. Global politics doesn’t get much lower than this.