samedi, juillet 09, 2016

Treasury mandarin who warned against currency union now says Scotland leaving UK is 'a golden opportunity'

Original letter in Financial Times (subscription):
The case for Scottish independence
looks stronger post-Brexit
by Sir Nicholas Macpherson
Report in The National:
Leaving UK now 'a golden opportunity'
by Andrew Learmonth, The National 9 July 2016

SIR Nicholas Macpherson, the former permanent secretary to the Treasury who clashed with Alex Salmond during the independence referendum campaign, has claimed Brexit means Scotland leaving the UK now would present it with an “an extraordinary opportunity” to attract skills and investment.

In an extraordinary column in The Financial Times, Sir Nicholas says the UK’s decision to leave Europe “changes terms of debate north of the Border” and that Scotland could “develop further as a financial centre”.
Comment on Indyref2 blog:
by Peter A Bell, Indyref2 9 July 2016