samedi, juin 11, 2016

GA Ponsonby: BBC Scotland Watch – The Forth Crossing Delay

BBC Scotland Watch 
– The Forth Crossing Delay
by GA Ponsonby, 11 June 2016

...BBC Scotland had cut the clip of Salmond and inserted it into their recording of John Swinney and broadcast the edited footage as a single continuous sequence, giving a totally misleading version of events. Only by viewing the actual footage supplied by Holyrood cameras was the chicanery of the BBC exposed and a quite blatant example of video manipulation laid bare.

I was reminded of that episode this week when Reporting Scotland covered confirmation that the new Forth Crossing won’t open as planned in December this year.

The target date and the official scheduled date were not the same. The bridge opening was being delayed, but with respect to the early target date, not the contractual scheduled date. If we are being absolutely accurate then the bridge is still on schedule.

It’s this distinction that BBC Scotland not only failed to make, but actively sought to conceal. Had the broadcaster not truncated Keith Brown’s statement, then viewers would have been made aware of the contractual opening date. Some may even have questioned the narrative being pushed by the broadcaster that the new crossing was behind schedule.

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