dimanche, janvier 24, 2016

Brendan O'Neill (Spiked!): 'The Crisis of Character - Identity politics and the death of the individual'

Caractar ann an Staing:
Poilitigs na dearbh-aithne 
agus bàs a' phearsa fa leth.
The Crisis of Character:
Identity politics and the death of the individual.
by Brendan O'Neill 
(Spiked Dec 2015) 

"The subjectivity of identity construction, the rise of the contingent diktat ‘I identify as’, is throwing public life into disarray. Social norms and institutions we once took for granted are disorganised, sometimes crushed, by the rise of self-declared identities. Even filling in a form has become a minefield. [...] Facebook now has 71 gender identities to choose from. [...] In truth, the rise of self-identity, the replacement of ‘I am’ with ‘I identify as’, speaks to the hollowing out of the sphere and the ideas through which people once developed living, breathing identities, a real sense of themselves that was tangible, deep, convincing. It’s not that identitarians are foisting identity politics on us. It’s that Western societies, which have fallen into serious moral and existential disarray, have become increasingly incapable of providing people with a strong sense of identity, or of maintaining the mechanisms through which people once gained and built identities, and this has nurtured new hunts for meaning, for a sense of self, for some kind of personality at a time when the human personality is weak."