mercredi, mars 11, 2015

Questions for the BBC and the agenda behind its “immigration poll”

Questions for the BBC and the agenda behind its “immigration poll”
By G.A. Ponsonby (11 March 2015)

This week I completed the eleventh chapter in my forthcoming book: ‘London Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum'.

The chapter’s working title is rather dramatic: Anti-English, Nazis and Crackpots. It focuses on the demonisation of Yes supporters throughout the referendum campaign.

The chapter draws on examples from the past which sought to portray those who backed independence as anti-English and their political leaders as Nazis & intolerant racists. BBC Scotland, although not specifically driving this agenda, played a significant role in promoting the narrative.

The theme of the chapter was prescient. No sooner had I filed it than race and intolerance exploded into and onto the airwaves and pages of our news media.

[...]But little attention seems to have been paid to a ‘poll’ apparently commissioned by the BBC. This broadcaster has been promoting results of a Yougov poll that it claims reveals the views of Scots. The subject of the poll is immigration and BBC Scotland is covering the poll not just for one day, but a full week.