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Get GA Ponsonby's Book! LONDON CALLING - How the BBC stole the Referendum

'LONDON CALLING: How the BBC stole the Referendum'
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Political commentary:
'London Calling – How the BBC stole the Referendum', chronicles the descent of the BBC in Scotland from that of a trusted broadcaster bringing news into homes throughout Scotland, to an institutionally corrupt organisation so despised that thousands of ordinary Scots marched on its Scottish HQ in protest at its anti-independence bias.

The book takes the reader on a meandering tour beginning with the arrival of devolution and culminating in the No campaign's triumph in the independence referendum on September 18th 2014. The journey is signposted by significant political events all covered by the BBC. But lying beneath each news bulletin and broadcast was a pro-Union culture that was eating away at the broadcaster's integrity.

The book reveals how Donald Trump, Megrahi and Rupert Murdoch were used by the broadcaster in an attempt at promoting an anti-SNP narrative. It also reveals how headlines were altered, video footage edited, stories suppressed and debates loaded as the state broadcaster resisted the political change taking place throughout Scotland.

'London Calling - How the BBC stole the Referendum' will shock those who read it. But even more shocking is the realisation that the institutional corruption it exposes ... is still going on.

More about the author: 
In 2010 G.A.Ponsonby created one of Scotland's most influential new media websites - Newsnet Scotland. The outlet, set up before the SNP's 2011 win which guaranteed a referendum on independence, was the first to directly challenge main stream media coverage of Scottish politics. Newsnet was also the first daily news outlet to officially back Scottish independence.

Ponsonby has written extensively on the BBC's coverage of Scottish politics for Newsnet and has helped expose many of the more questionable practices employed by the broadcaster.
In 2014, shortly after the independence referendum, he announced he was writing a book about the BBC and its role in the independence referendum. The book is based on almost seven years of experience monitoring the BBC in Scotland.
Turning Yes into No

 The Impossible Referendum and a Trumped Up Smear
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(Published early April)