lundi, août 18, 2014

UK Deceit & Scots OIL: Fool you twice, shame on you

Fool you twice, shame on you
Posted on August 18, 2014 by Rev. Stuart Campbell
Perhaps the most notorious injustice ever committed by the UK government against Scotland (with the possible exception of the infamous “40% rule” in the 1979 devolution referendum in which the dead were counted as No votes) was the suppression for 30 years of the McCrone Report, which revealed how wealthy an independent Scotland would have been after the discovery of oil in the North Sea.

Successive Labour and Conservative governments at Westminster frantically fought to deceive Scots over the value of the bounty for decades. And now, on the eve of another referendum, it looks like they’re about to try it again.

...Exploration projects have recently revealed some of the biggest and most potentially lucrative finds in the North Sea’s history. The Clair Ridge and Bentley fields look set to provide hundreds of millions, or even billions, of barrels. Other areas – including ones previously blocked by the UK government to avoid interfering with the operation of Trident nuclear submarines – also offer promising returns.

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