dimanche, août 31, 2014

The Dirty Dozen - The case against BBC Scotland: Part 2

The Dirty Dozen - The case against BBC Scotland: Part 2
By G.A.Ponsonby (Sat 30 Aug 2014)

In March this year Newsnet Scotland published an article which challenged the widely held belief that the BBC's reporting of the independence referendum could be trusted to be fair and balanced.

The article contained six of the worst examples of BBC political reporting in relation to Scotland and indicated a political agenda was at work.  Now, five months after its publication and three weeks before the referendum, we publish the second installment.

The six additional examples below are not exhaustive, indeed to fully expose the level of political news manipulation that has destroyed the BBC's reputation as fair and impartial, would have required several volumes. 

For those for whom these revelations come as a shock, we simply ask that you consider why the BBC has sought to manipulate the news at this crucial time in Scotland's history.  Once considered then the question you need to ask is why, and at whose behest?

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