samedi, août 30, 2014

Scottish Independence - Secrets and Lies


PART 1 deals with the deception practiced by successive Westminster governments in their attempts to minimise the economic impact and future potential of North Sea Oil. These lies were meant to keep the Scottish drive toward self-determination under control. Mention is made of the suppression of the incendiary McCrone Report, and the urgent need for Scotland to take control of it's own revenues and taxation in the modern day.

PART 2 concentrates on the role of the UK internal security services, MI5 and Special Branch, in their attempts to suppress and subvert the Scottish National Party and the cause of independence, with passing mention of possible CIA interest in Norh Sea Oil. The issue of nuclear dumping by the UK government is also explored. Did freelance agents working on behalf of the government, Nirex, or the nuclear company Westinghouse play any part in the deaths of the anti-nuclear activists Willie McRae and Hilda Murrell, which occurred within months of each other?

PART 3: Do the UK's nuclear weapons, stored at Coulport and deployed via submarine from Faslane, really improve the safety of the British isles, or of Scotland? What effect would Scottish independence have on our current WMD capability? The declassified launch failures of Polaris, Trident I, and Trident II missiles are shown, radiation risks at Faslane and Dalgety Bay are outlined (two examples of the high-handed negligence the UK Ministry of Defence routinely shows toward the people it is supposed to protect), corruption of the lobbying system involving BAE Systems and retired generals is shown, and also the many mishaps involving the next-generation HMS Astute.

Publiée le 2012-11-29
PART 4: A short recap on the various attempts by Westminster and Whitehall to deprive Scotland of it's full territorial waters, and thus of it's oil and gas resources. These plans began in the 1970s after the discovery of oil, but were not fully implemented until the passing of the Scottish Adjacent Waters Boundaries Order of 1999 by the UK government.