samedi, juillet 19, 2014

Neal Ascherson: I shall vote yes this September

Neal Ascherson (photo source)
Scottish Independence Is Inevitable: 
The Independence Referendum is a Test of Scotland’s Confidence
by Neal Ascherson 
(New York Times: Sunday Review, 18 July 2014)

[...] The English media and many politicians explain the independence movement by claiming that the Scots are obsessed by “anti-English racism.” My own experiences tell me the exact opposite. Scots, these days, have almost forgotten about England, so fascinated are they by their own country.

[...] Twenty years ago, a predecessor of Mr. Cameron’s as leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister, John Major, told me that “this whole devolution idea is loopy. The problem is that the Scots just feel left out of things. I really should go up there more often.”

I thought about a retort. But where to start?

Only three years after that, amid songs and tears, the Scottish Parliament met in Edinburgh for the first time in almost three centuries. The old Union Treaty started to fall to dust at that moment, a process that is still following its own logic.

I shall vote yes this September. The campaign has already taught me that if we don’t make it with this third referendum, there will be a fourth. It’s time to rejoin the world on our own terms.

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