samedi, juillet 19, 2014

Juncker and Scotland: Yet more BBC chicanery

The BBC? Stick it up your Juncker!
By G.A.Ponsonby (Saturday 19 July 2014)

This week...BBC Scotland got tangled up in a web of its own making as it sought to make a cheap bit of political capital from an innocuous speech from the man who replaced Jose Manuel Barroso. Oh how must BBC Scotland Chiefs yearn for the days when Barroso would feed them a ready-made anti-independence line.

For those still unaware of what happened this week, Jean-Claude Juncker officially began his tenure as the President of the European Commission.  The politician from Luxembourg is now one of the most powerful and influential men in the whole of Europe.

Juncker gave a speech on Tuesday in which he called for the suspension of what is termed 'the enlargement' of the EU.  The EC President very specifically made clear he was referring to 'candidate countries' - specifically states from the Balkans who have already applied to join the EU.

...What it very clearly didn't mean was that a newly independent Scotland would be thrown out of the EU and made to wait five years before trying to re-enter. However that's precisely what BBC Scotland told the nation in its flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland.

...So, in the space of a few hours, the anti-independence movement had been granted the apparatus of the BBC in order to promote a quite egregious piece of political chicanery.

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