mercredi, juin 25, 2014

Dooyeweerd: Sphere Sovereignty

Sphere Sovereignty

The principle of sphere sovereignty is a creational principle which is unbreakably connected with the scriptural ground-motive of the Christian religion. It tells us of the mutual irreducibility, inner connection, and inseparable coherence of all the aspects [law-spheres] of reality in the order of time. If we consider logical thinking, for example, we find that it is embedded within the logical [analytical] aspect of temporal reality. While this aspect is irreducible to the others, sovereign in its own sphere, and subject to its own sphere of divine laws (the laws for logical thought), it nevertheless reveals its internal nature and its autonomy only in an unbreakable coherence with all the other aspects of reality. If one attempts to conceive of the logical function as absolute, that is, as independent of and apart from the functions of feeling, organic life, historical development of culture, and so on, then it dissolves into nothingness. It does not exist by itself. It reveals its own true nature only in an inseparable coherence with all the functions which created reality displays within time.

     We should, therefore, really see that we can only think in a logical manner as long as we are in our perishable body which functions physico-chemically and which incorporates organic life processes. Our hope of immortality is not rooted in logical thinking but in Christ Jesus. By the light of God's Word we know that our temporal life in all its aspects has a spiritual, religious root-unity that will not decay with our temporal existence. This unity, which transcends our bodily life, is the imperishable soul.

(Herman Dooyeweerd: Roots of Western Thought: Pagan, Secular, and Christian Options, Paideia Press 2012, p 44)