mercredi, juin 25, 2014

Dooyeweerd: Historicism


Today we live under the dominion of an idolatrous view of reality that absolutizes the historical aspect [law-sphere] of creation. It calls itself dynamic, believing that all of reality moves and unfolds historically.  It directs its polemic against static views that adhere to fixed truths. It considers reality one-sidedly in the light of historical becoming and development, arguing that everything is purely historical in character. This "historicism," as it is called, knows of no eternal values. All of life is caught up in the stream of historical development. From this viewpoint the truths of the Christian faith are just as  relative and transient as the ideals of the French Revolution.

 There are many moments of truth in the historicistic view of reality. All temporal things do indeed have a historical aspect. Historical development occurs in scientific endeavour, in society, in art, in human "ideals," and even in the revelation of God's Word. Still, the historical side remains merely one aspect of the full reality given to us in time. The other aspects cannot be reduced to it. It does not reach the root unity and absolute origin of reality. Because historicism absolutizes the historical aspect, its individual truths are dangerous weapons of the spirit of deception.

(Herman Dooyeweerd: Roots of Western Thought: Pagan, Secular, and Christian Options, Paideia Press 2012, p 43)