vendredi, juin 06, 2014

Colonial and Corrupt – Time’s up for BBC Scotland

Colonial and Corrupt – 
Time’s up for BBC Scotland
By G.A.Ponsonby (5 June 2014)
President Obama has spoken; the USA made a tragic mistake when it fought off colonial rule over 200 years ago.  America wants to rejoin the self-styled 'greatest Union on earth'.
OK, not quite, but what an interesting question it would have been to the US President – why did they leave the UK when it was (then) a 100 year old success story?

Obama's intervention (that's what pundits call it) was Reporting Scotland's top story last night.  His short oblique statement on the referendum was just enough for him to deny he had backed one side over the other.

But it was seized on by our broadcaster and pushed to the top of the news agenda.  'Barack backs No' was the message.

Never has so few words received such massive coverage.  Never has a foreign politician been subjected to so little scrutiny.  Well not since Jose Manuel Barroso told the BBC it would be near impossible for Scotland to keep its EU membership if it chose Yes in the referendum.

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