jeudi, juin 05, 2014

Alexander Tait: Mightier than the Sword

Description on rear of paperback: 
"Mightier than the Sword by Alexander Tait is a book about Scottish nationhood. It tells the dramatic story of William Wallace, the greatest warrior and martyr for Scotland s ancient liberty. It uncovers the fascinating history of the symbol which has for over 700 years represented the nation s heroic struggle for freedom. It provides a revealing record of the many chapters in the Scots relentless pursuit of self-determination, and, through the personal experience of the author, it illuminates what Scottish nationalism means in our own era. In September of this year, 2014, the Scots will decide democratically whether to remain within the 300 year-old union with England, or to rejoin the community of nations as an independent state. For those who would understand the historical and emotional forces, the grievances and the vision, behind the independence campaign, Mightier than the Sword is an essential read." 
Publication Date: 27 May 2014
Olida Publishing £7.99