mercredi, mai 28, 2014

The news less fit to print

The news less fit to print
 by Rev. Stuart Campbell (May 28, 2014)
It’s not often that you see the same story on the front page of the i and the Financial Times. It’s even rarer – in fact, perhaps unprecedented – if that story’s about Scotland, because the otherwise-admirable mini-tabloid is barely even aware that there’s a part of the UK north of Newcastle. (Its parent paper, the Independent, is we think unique among national UK newspapers in not even having a Scotland section, let alone a Scottish edition.) So when it happens, you know it must be a pretty darned significant story – one which the Scottish press will be all over like a swarm of wasps at a jam-factory picnic. Right?

...But in a bizarre turn of events, a massive story about a lie on an enormous scale perpetrated against not only the Scottish people but two highly respected institutions, which makes the front pages of two UK papers at opposite ends of the journalism spectrum, gets completely airbrushed out of existence in Scotland’s own media.

Well, not quite “completely”, to be fair. The Herald is the only Scottish paper which does squeeze the story onto its front page, buried in a small corner where it’s sneakily underplayed as being a claim of Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government, rather than the academics themselves:
“The Treasury has been caught red-handed trying to “cook the books” in its fiscal analysis of Scottish independence, Alex Salmond has said.”
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