mercredi, mars 05, 2014

The Make Believers: Media Bias & Government Rigging

For the Scottish pro-independence campaign, the real strength of this short documentary is the hugely relevant (and deeply ominous) comments from the Québec contributers regarding their own referendum experience. Trudeau and the Canadian government lied, scaremongered, and illegally funded their way to a Federal win (of less than 1%). The anglophone media played its part well. A key factor was relentless doomsaying regarding currency and pensions. There were (unfulfilled) promises of more powers for Québec if it voted no. And here the mystery of the Cameron's "love-bombing" farce is solved. It should by now be patently evident to all of us that London has closely studied the Canadian script and is carefully and cynically implementing the successful Trudeau formula. Consequently, we Scots are surely pathetically naive if we take our mainstream media at face value [see HERE]. Truth? Who said anything about Truth? Britain, like Canada, must be saved at all costs...
Before the Referendum Vote 
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