lundi, mars 24, 2014

Osborne's stance on currency-union savaged by top economist

George Osborne at an official visit to China in October 2013
Osborne's stance on currency-union 
savaged by top economist
by Martin Kelly 
(23 March 2014)
UK Chancellor George Osborne's reasons for rejecting a currency union with an independent Scotland lie in tatters today after a top economist described them as lacking logic.

In a withering analysis of the evidence behind Mr Osborne's recent speech in which the Chancellor claimed he would block an agreement on currency, Professor Leslie Young, of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, accused the Tory MP of basing his stance on a "lurid collage of fact, conjecture and fantasy".

In the study, commissioned by entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter, the world renowned economist is scathing of UK Treasury advice which underpinned the UK Chancellor's views.
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