mardi, mars 18, 2014

Business for Scotland: Six months to go: independent opinion research

Six months past and six months to go: independent opinion research published
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp (17 March 2014)

Headline Results
- 41% of Scottish businesses chose independence related options as their preferred form of governance for Scotland.
- 19% chose Devo Max.
- 28% chose the status quo.
- 12% want to close the Scottish Parliament.

Business for Scotland has commissioned independent research to take the pulse of Scottish businesspeople on the referendum and related issues. This in-depth research was conducted and compiled on our behalf by a neutral research company over the past six months. This research involved direct engagement with businesspeople through their companies but also involved independent business networks across Scotland.

We have now received over 1,200 responses from businesspeople representing most industrial sectors throughout Scotland. The results make for interesting reading and give an indication of the ground upon which the referendum will focus in the next six months.

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