mardi, avril 10, 2018

BBC is a state propagandist for Brexit says former Labour Minister, Lord Adonis

Lord Andrew Adonis (Wikimedia)
BBC is a state propagandist for Brexit says former Labour Minister.
The BBC has ceased to be an impartial broadcaster and is now effectively a propagandist for the EU Leave campaign, according to a former UK Labour Minister.

Lord Andrew Adonis made the claim during an interview on BBC Scotland’s flagship morning news programme Good Morning Scotland.

During a debate with host Gary Robertson on the BBC’s coverage of Brexit, the Labour peer said: “I think having got into this, that the BBC has unfortunately stopped being an impartial state broadcaster and has essentially become a propagandist for Leave.”
Anger after Reporting Scotland misrepresents First Minister’s 
Brexit comments
BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme Reporting Scotland is once again in the dock after it misrepresented comments from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the issue of Brexit. On Thursday afternoon, programme presenter Sally Magnusson told viewers:

“… the First Minister said Brexit would be hugely damaging, and that those who supported it would never be forgiven.”

However a clip on the same programme revealed that Nicola Sturgeon had not targeted ‘those who supported’ Brexit, but had in fact explicitly singled out the Tory party.
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