vendredi, février 02, 2018

Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism | Jordan B Peterson

NB After hesitation, this youtube is re-posted here despite Jordan Peterson's casual misuse of the names "Jesus" and "Christ". This flaw is weighed in the context of Peterson's extraordinary courage in bearing uncompromising testimony in the face of threats to society of major consequence. (Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh)
"Whatever you think of Peterson’s beliefs, it is hard not to admire a person who has the courage of his convictions. He took a serious personal and professional risk in speaking out against Bill C-16. He was warned he could lose his job, was threatened with bankruptcy by the potential costs of a court process and found himself at the centre of a storm of abuse and vilification. His health suffered under the stress. He has said he will never use compelled speech even if that means going to jail – where he has claimed he will go on hunger-strike. You might think this is over-dramatic, but it is rare these days to find conviction in public life that comes with a tangible personal cost." - Scot McNight (PATHEOS)
You may find the following short philosophical article of interest:
Herman Dooyeweerd: Humanism’s historicist swing from classical fixed values to a radical relativism