vendredi, janvier 19, 2018

Jordan Peterson and the transgender wars (Tim Lott, Spectator)

Jordan Peterson: Photo by Jonathan Castellino
Jordan Peterson 
and the transgender wars
The psychology professor is in trouble with the transgender crowd. 
He is also one of the foremost thinkers of our age.
by Tim Lott (SPECTATOR, 20 Sept 2017)

‘The humanities in the universities have become almost incomprehensibly shallow and corrupt in multiple ways,’ he says. ‘They don’t rely on science because they are not scientifically educated. This is true particularly in sociology, where they mask their complete ignorance of science by claiming that science is just another mode of knowing and that it’s only privileged within the structure of the oppressive Eurocentric patriarchy. It’s appalling. We’re not having an intelligent conversation, we are having an ideological conversation'...‘Students, instead of being ennobled or inculcated into the proper culture, the last vestiges of structure are stripped from them by post-modernism and neo-Marxism, which defines everything in terms of relativism and power.’
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