lundi, mai 08, 2017

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: BBC deliberately misreported Scottish local council election result

BBC deliberately misreported 
Scottish local council election result
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp 
Business for Scotland (8 May 2017)

The BBC as the state broadcaster should set the standard in impartial and factual reporting of election results, but in the case of the Scottish Local Council elections it has failed on both counts.

The media narrative on the results has almost unanimously been that the Conservatives have done well and that the SNP lost seats, and so - given that the Conservatives campaigned on a platform of ‘say no to a second independence referendum’ - that means that the Scottish people don’t want another referendum.  

This narrative has largely been driven by the BBC election results posted on their website and broadcast on the election programmes.

There is, however, a slight problem with that narrative – it is completely untrue.
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