dimanche, avril 30, 2017

GA Ponsonby: BBC Scotland is ramping it up again

BBC Scotland is ramping it up again
by GA Ponsonby (30 April 2017)

They’re ramping it up again.  It’s election time and all the old tricks are on display over at Pacific Quay.

I’ve literally lost count of the news bulletins, online articles and special reports that have given me cause for concern this week.  No sooner had I planned to draft an article on one than there would appear another belter.

It all started on Tuesday on Good Morning Scotland.  The newspaper review transported me back to 2014 and the days leading up to the independence referendum vote.

The Good Morning Scotland crew continue to do this, despite knowing full well what they are reading out is almost always going to be politically partisan and, at times, complete hogwash.  It’s also, more often than not, going to be anti-SNP and/or anti-independence.
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