vendredi, mars 17, 2017

Scottish Independence: Business for Scotland: Hard Brexit destroys economic case for the UK

Economics of Independence • Referendum 2
Hard Brexit destroys 
economic case for the UK
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp 
(Business for Scotland 17 March 2017)

So Theresa May has decided to attempt to block a democratically mandated Scottish referendum being held before the UK leaves the EU. Her logic seems to be that voters won’t know the details of the Brexit deal by then. However, the PM’s thinking is hugely flawed as the two year timescale between a March 31 triggering of Article 50 also includes time for the remaining EU nations to review and ratify the deal though their own parliaments and that may take months. So in effect if the deal is not done by the end of 2018 then no deal will be ratified before Brexit is automatically triggered, and that is the absolute worst case scenario for the Scottish people and for our economy.