jeudi, janvier 26, 2017

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: The Supreme Court decision and Scottish independence

The Supreme Court decision 
and Scottish independence
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp (25 Jan 2017)

[...] The UK PM will be between a rock and a hard place on the future of the UK by the amendments on the Brexit Bill. I suspect the SNP will table an amendment that will demand the devolved Parliament be consulted and that will be tactically interesting, as in all three nations those politicians who vote against that will be limiting their own nation’s say in the matter and thus limiting their own careers. However, such an amendment would be soundly rejected by English MP’s. Holyrood will however almost certainly hold a vote and everyone in Scotland will see that our opinions on the EU are not being respected and more importantly that Tory, and possibly many Labour MSPs, do not fight for Scotland’s democratically elected voice to be heard. The ruling that the Regional Assemblies will not have to be consulted, essentially means that the unelected House of Lords gets a say on Brexit but the elected MSPs don’t. How that undemocratic principle plays with Scottish voters will be interesting.[...] 
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