lundi, décembre 05, 2016

Wee Flea: The Tyranny of the Progressives – Another Step Backwards

The Tyranny of the Progressives – Another Step Backwards
by The Wee Flea (Dec 2, 2016)

You may have missed it but yesterday was a significant day in the British Parliament.  It almost passed me by, but in the providence of God I happened to be watching the UK Parliament Channel (as one does) and saw the seeds of the coming disaster being sown. Bigger than Brexit, more dangerous than Same Sex Marriage, this story has gone largely unheralded and unannounced, except in a few in-house LGBT activist groups and the reliably liberal Huffington Post. The story is the first Transgender ‘debate’ in the UK parliament, on a report from the Women and Equalities Committee. Some people think that what happened in the House of Commons today is not very important at all – the BBC haven’t even reported on it.   But according to some of the MPs who took part in the debate, it is one of the most significant debates in recent Parliamentary history. I am very much inclined to agree with the latter.
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