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GA Ponsonby: BBC Scotland comes under fire over ‘Irish Foreign Abuse’ caption

BBC Scotland comes under fire over ‘Irish Foreign Abuse’ caption
GA Ponsonby (30 Nov 2016)

BBC Scotland chiefs have come under fire after the station’s flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland described an Irish minister as ‘Irish Foreign Abuse’.

The blunder appeared during a news report covering First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to the Republic.

The item included a statement from Ireland’s Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan.  However instead of his official title appearing in a caption, the phrase ‘Irish Foreign Abuse’ was displayed instead.  The blunder has led to anger on social media.

The blunder followed embarrassment the previous evening when so-called ‘technical problems’ prevented Reporting Scotland from covering the first day of Nicola Sturgeon’s historic visit to Ireland.

The visit, which saw the First Minister become the first ever head of a foreign government to address the Irish Senate, has proved difficult for BBC Scotland.  Its correspondent Glenn Campbell faced criticism for appearing to focus on negative aspects of the trip.  Campbell was also ridiculed after he bizarrely mis-translated the Gaelic ‘Ceud Mile Failte’, which means ‘One Hundred Thousand Welcomes’ by claiming it had only meant fifty thousand.
BBC Scotland difficulties continued into Tuesday when a Good Morning Scotland interview with Fine Gael politician Jerry Buttimer had to be cut short after it too was hit by technical problems (audio clip on INDYREF2 page HERE)

These latest blunders will do little to assuage the concerns of those already convinced that the BBC operates a pro-Union agenda.  Some Yes activists are already planning to highlight what they believe was BBC corruption during the last independence referendum should Scotland enter a second official campaign.

A documentary ‘London Calling’ which provides evidence of pro-Union BBC Bias during Indyref1 is currently being screened at venues throughout Scotland.  An appeal has been launched with the aim of distributing DVDs of the documentary into homes of people who may not otherwise get to see the seventy minute film.
by GA Ponsonby INDYREF2
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