jeudi, août 04, 2016

GA Ponsonby: Proud to be British … Scared to be Scottish

Proud to be British … 
Scared to be Scottish
GAPonsonby (3 August 2016)

“I’m British as well as Scottish” one caller proclaimed on the Radio Scotland phone-in this week.  Sally didn’t say whether she was proud to be either, but I’m pretty certain she would have insisted both.

There’s been little pride on show from Scottish Unionists following news that a Westminster Committee has decreed it’s time Scotland had its own dedicated nightly news programme.  Instead the announcement was met by howls of anguish from the North British tribe.

Most of the arguments deployed against a Scottish Six by the North British Nationalists have been risible.  They’ve fired volley after volley from their ancient cringe-cannon.

Indeed this article isn’t going to list the lengthy, and very obvious, positive arguments in support of a Scottish produced news programme.  Instead, so bizarre and ridiculous was the cringe-binge that I’ve decided to gather them all together in order that the full extent of the ‘Ashamed to be Scottish’ brigade be put on display.

The ‘contributions’ come from members of the public, journalists and former politicians. All have one thing in common.  They object to their own country having a one hour news programme produced and edited here.
(with media clips)