mardi, août 23, 2016

GA Ponsonby: Here’s PFI … But where’s Labour?

Here’s PFI … But where’s Labour?
by GA Ponsonby (22 Aug 2016)

An online article, numerous radio bulletins, TV news and a one hour documentary all failed to mention the role played by the Labour party in a financial scandal that led to the lives of school children being put at risk.  And they were put at risk as inspections that would normally have been the responsibility of local authorities were placed in the hands of the very companies who stood to benefit financially from cutting corners.

The refusal of BBC Scotland to make even a passing reference to the Labour party is as scandalous as the PFI scam itself.  Labour introduced the funding mechanism and then set about coercing any local authority that dared refuse to implement it into adopting the mechanism.  If you didn’t use PFI then Jack McConnell was prepared to cut your funding.
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