samedi, juillet 30, 2016

GA Ponsonby: Welcome to our world Jeremy

Welcome to our world Jeremy
by GA Ponsonby 24 July 2016

The campaign to demonise Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters is in full swing.  If the narrative is to be believed, Corbyn is surrounded by bullies who threaten and intimidate.  Journalists and opponents are being harassed by a ‘Corbyn Mob’.

But we’ve heard this song before haven’t we.  In the run-up to the 2014 independence referendum the Yes campaign was subjected to a similar line of attack.  Independence supporters were accused of intimidating opponents and of issuing threats.  The Better Together campaign director Blair McDougall even claimed that there was a smear campaign being led by “the top of the Yes campaign and Alex Salmond”.

It mattered not that there was scant evidence for any orchestrated attacks, it mattered only that the allegations were circulated by the Unionist media.
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