samedi, juin 04, 2016

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: Scotland and Brexit

Scotland would be hit hardest 
with Brexit vote
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

THE EU referendum campaign has started to stutter into life and with the UK wide polls sitting at 50-50 and the last two showing Leave taking a lead we just don’t know who will win. In the last few weeks I have criss-crossed Scotland and debated with Brexiters, almost all of whom were prominent Better Together campaigners in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee. The lack of understanding of the specific economic impact on Scotland of a Brexit within the Leave campaign has been astounding. The trouble is that the UK media present the financial and economic implications of a Brexit as if it would have the exact same impact on all regions of the UK – but my research has shown that a Brexit would very definitely impact more negatively on Scotland.
Out of the UK, in the EU? 
Confusing times ahead
by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp 
The National  June 3rd, 2016 

I would like to see the UK vote to stay and for Scotland to become an independent nation with an EU-style relationship with the rest of the UK and the EU. The tightening of the polls UK-wide however also brings in the possibility of what I call the Schadenfreude scenario when Scottish Stay votes keep England in the EU against its will, if Leave win in England by less than a per cent then it could happen and boy, would that make politics interesting.