lundi, décembre 21, 2015

Lockerbie campaigners: 'Scottish & UK justice systems rotten'

Lockerbie campaigners 
on the anniversary:
'The UK justice system is rotten'
- Greg Russell, The National, (Dec 21 2015)

Robert Black QC, professor emeritus of Scots law at the University of Edinburgh, was born and raised in Lockerbie and has taken a close interest in the case. He told The National

“It is over eight years since the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission concluded that Megrahi’s conviction might have amounted to a miscarriage of justice. After all this time, why has the Lockerbie case not just faded away? It is because the official, judicially-approved version of what happened simply does not hold water. It never did.

“The failure of the Scottish justice system and of Scottish (and British) political institutions to acknowledge this in the face of quite overwhelming evidence is profoundly shocking and depressing.

“Until such recognition occurs and appropriate lessons are learned, we are all of us at risk of such travesties recurring. And that is frightening.”
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