mardi, novembre 10, 2015

Spiked: ‘Religious freedom: the forgotten liberty?’

Greg Baylor, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom 
Wendy Kaminer, lawyer and social critic
Edwina Rogers, CEO of the Secular Policy Institute 
Rev Robert Sirico, co-founder of the Acton Institute.

"On 15 October, spiked and the Newseum Institute in Washington, DC, held a conference, in partnership with the Alliance Defending Freedom and supported by the Acton Institute, called the The First Amendment in the 21st Century.

Speakers from across the globe gathered to explore the troubles afflicting three of the core First Amendment freedoms – speech, press and religion.

Above is the video of the third and final debate, titled ‘Religious freedom: the forgotten liberty?’.

From European pastors being arrested for preaching fire and brimstone in their own pulpits to US campaigners calling for restrictions on freedom of conscience, religious freedom is under threat. But should the religious really be free to discriminate?

In this session, an esteemed panel explored the new attacks on freedom of faith."

Audio track of above video: