jeudi, août 27, 2015

Nick Robinson’s trash talk is evidence of a BBC in trouble

Nick Robinson’s trash talk 
is evidence of a BBC in trouble
Commentary by G.A.Ponsonby

Tonight will see First Minister Nicola Sturgeon give a speech to TV bosses at the Edinburgh international television festival. High on the list of issues will be the BBC and the devolution of broadcasting to Scotland.

The SNP has a mandate to seek the devolution of broadcasting, given its near clean sweep in May’s general election. The speech will have added spice following the recent spat between the BBC’s former political editor Nick Robinson and Sturgeon’s predecessor Alex Salmond.

The row followed comments made by Robinson at the recent Edinburgh Book Festival. The BBC man made a series of extraordinary remarks in relation to an episode that occurred during the independence referendum. Robinson claimed his reporting of an exchange between himself and the then First Minister had resulted in the SNP organising a protest outside the BBC Scotland HQ days later.