vendredi, juin 19, 2015

G.A.Ponsonby: BBC Scotland is continuing where it left off

BBC Scotland is continuing 
where it left off
By G.A.Ponsonby 
(17 June 2015)

Well what do you know, we’ve barely had time to recover from the air-raid bombardment that was Project Fear Mk1 when along comes its equally terrifying sibling.  Project Fear, you may recall, was what the anti-independence Better Together campaign informally christened its strategy of instilling fear into Scottish voters during the referendum.

Project Fear Mk2 was launched last week and the target of this attack was not independence but its little cousin, Full Fiscal Autonomy.

Full Fiscal Autonomy is also known as Devo Max.  It is also sometimes technically referred to as Federalism or Home Rule.  For those who may not recall, Devo Max/FFA/Federalism/Home Rule was what Scots were promised if they voted No in the independence referendum, as the clip below shows.