jeudi, juin 25, 2015

David Robertson defends faith schools (BBC Radio)

Publiée le 24 juin 2015
David Robertson, Director of Solas Centre for Public Christianity, talks on Good Morning Scotland about how Christianity is being removed from Scotland’s state education system. Broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, 24 June 2015.
It is of the essence to realise that Humanism itself, despite all its 'neutralist' posturing, is 'faith-based'. Humanism itself is a 'religion'. Consider in this regard the following quote from the late Dutch philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd:
The ambiguity of the Humanistic motive of freedom.
     Unlike that of the Greeks and the scholastic thinkers, the inner dialectic of the Humanistic ground-motive is not born out of a conflict between two different religions. The deepest root of its dialectical character lies in the ambiguity of the Humanistic freedom-motive. The latter is the central driving force of the modern religion of human personality. And from its own depths it calls forth the motive to dominate nature, and thus leads to a religion of autonomous objective science in which there is no room for the free personality. 
Nevertheless, the religious self-surrender to autonomous science is, in the last analysis, nothing but the religion of autonomous human personality itself, which splits itself up into two opposite directions, not to be reconciled in a really critical Humanistic self-reflection. This is the result of the Humanistic secularization of the Christian motives of creation and freedom in Jesus Christ. By this secularization the insight into the religious radical unity of human personality is entirely lost.
(Herman Dooyeweerd, New Critique of Theoretical Thought, Vol I/ Part2/2 pp 188-194) More HERE