samedi, mai 02, 2015

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: No trust in the political parties that cried wolf

No trust in the political parties 
that cried wolf
Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp 

The level of misinformation spread by Westminster politicians and the metropolitan media on important economic issues for political gain is simply unacceptable. Despite repetitive car crash polls for the political champions of scaremongering and misinformation, it still happens on a daily basis. In Scotland we have a highly engaged electorate and highly developed niche social media and online news/debunking/economic sites such as Newsnet.scotWings over Scotland and Business for Scotland, and of course a major player in The National. With access to alternative narratives Scottish voters are becoming immune to the negative commentary designed to keep Scotland in its box. However, these messages are more and more prominent in the UK right wing media and there is a danger that people in the rest of the UK could buy into the borderline racist propaganda that Scots are on the take.
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