jeudi, mai 28, 2015

GA Ponsonby: LONDON CALLING: How the BBC stole the Referendum

How the BBC Stole the Referendum 
by GA Ponsonby 
5* Review of above book by Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh:
Independence Referendum: 
BBC Scotland's pernicious role 
definitively charted

GA Ponsonby's "LONDON CALLING: How the BBC stole the Referendum" is now assuredly key reading for any truly informed assessment of the deeply unsettling extent of cynical black propaganda perpetrated by the British State on the Scottish population during the Referendum campaign. To its everlasting discredit, BBC Scotland news management persistently connived within the dark heart of it all, relentlessly and insidiously poisoning the waters of discourse.

GA Ponsonby's devastating volume marshall's painstaking research, including copious screenshots of BBC Scotland website's shrewdly massaged headlines. It irrefutably documents Pacific Quay's unforgivably malign role in calculatedly distorting and undermining the greatest and noblest democratic transaction thus far in Scotland's long history.

The BBC Scotland news management coterie must not now be allowed to, as it were, fade back into our livingroom wallpaper, and so avoid the searing public censure they have worked so assiduously to merit. Nor, paramountly, must they be carelessly granted leave to perpetrate such sordid perfidy during any Scottish election or referendum to come.

It is far from over. We must gain urgent release from this Labour-contrived structurally-Unionist oxygen-starving head-grip. To our democratic peril do we longer ignore BBC Scotland's strongarm as it stealthily throttles our corporate throat, while mendacious mind-games are smilingly whispered in our ear. Scottish broadcasting must be "patriated" forthwith.

Via the internet, the truth has set us free thus far. Now, GA Ponsonby's "LONDON CALLING: How the BBC stole the Referendum" is one man's heroic endeavour to get vital additional verity (for some, the facts will astonish) into the public domain in book form, hastening our exhilarating advance towards the goal of a just society in Scotland.

Do buy this book. Ponder it. Publicise it. Help dispel the residual naivety out there which still trusts BBC Scotland to speak political truth.

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