dimanche, avril 12, 2015

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: Project Fear relaunched to justify backtracking on vow

Project Fear relaunched 
to justify backtracking on Vow
Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp (10/04/2015)

Westminster never wanted to give Scotland any more powers – they fought tooth and nail to keep devo max off the ballot paper because they knew it would either win or split the No vote, allowing Yes to win out right.  They only promised more powers when their own polling suggested they were in danger of losing, and they have been backtracking ever since.

They know that more powers, specifically the vow of substantial new devolution is very popular and they know they can’t attack it or be seen to obviously backtrack. So they have chosen the deceitful tactic of targeting one of the foundation stones of more powers full fiscal autonomy, because they see it as vulnerable to political spin, since people don’t really understand what it means. They are clearly about to throw the mother of all scaremongering campaigns against full fiscal autonomy, but we have been here before.
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