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Derek Bateman: There's a host of post-indyref questions needing answered

My Head Hurts
by Derek Bateman (October 1, 2014)

I’m a ferment of conflicting emotions…part of me wants to switch off altogether and stop thinking about the bloody mess that we could have left behind…I’m sick of the manipulation that the Unionist machine regards as politics as normal…I’m determined to be optimistic that from a triumphant democratic process we can rescue something viable and even positive…and angry at the numbskulls who told themselves a spatchcock last-minute fix would work and voted No.

It’s ironic really that I don’t particularly want what the three parties offered – essentially more tax raising powers with minimal (welfare and so-called job creation) anything else – which is a recipe for taxing more to make up for lost grant and without any meaningful powers to grow our economy and confront poverty.

On the other hand the vainglorious strutting of the delusional Gordon Brown promised, if I remember, stronger powers called modern home rule which were as close to federalism as you can get and which were immediately christened Devo Max in the London-based media. That looks on paper like a recipe for a properly powerful devolved settlement which puts Scotland in control of pretty much everything except macro economics, defence and foreign affairs (and should include a share of oil revenues while some technical functions make sense remaining shared…the oil revenues can be partly traded in a swap that allows the Unionists to fulfil their promise on retaining Barnett). I do recall it was all backed up by Brown’s Iron Timetable! The man is a joke, a dangerous one, but a joke....I never forget what I was told about him – that Brown never says or does anything that isn’t political and he’s incapable of acting through normal human instinct without some background stratagem.
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Let's turn Brown's petition 
back on him
  By G.A.Ponsonby (Tues 30 Sept 2014)

So the cat is out of the bag.  The 'Clunking Fist' had no authority to make any promises on more powers to the Scottish people.

So powerless is Brown to implement any of his promises that he has asked us, the Scottish people, to help him by signing a petition.

Gordon Brown's much vaunted pledge of Home Rule was always a con-trick perpetrated on the Scottish electorate.

When Yes looked as though it was going to edge in front as the referendum finish line loomed, Brown charged into the debate making promises he had no authority to deliver.  His words were worthless but were given currency when the corrupt BBC beamed his speech live into the living rooms of Scotland.
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