samedi, septembre 20, 2014

The Drum: New Media for a New Scotland

Publiée le 2014-09-18
New Media for a New Scotland 

Bella Caledonia will be announcing plans for an extended service, and our new ideas for improved content next week. We will be reaching out to readers for your support.

We are going nowhere. We are the 45. This is just the beginning.

In the meantime, enjoy this film from The Drum which explores some of the problems in our existing media landscape.

The Drum investigates the political tilt of Scotland’s mainstream media during the lead-up to the Independence Referendum on September 18 2014. 
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Publiée le 2014-09-13
BBC Referendum Bias - Glasgow Rally & Orange Order

On the day of one of the biggest political rallies Scotland has ever seen:

BBC national news reports 'thousands from across UK in pro-union rally' when it was actually an organised Orange Order march. The following news package contained no footage whatsoever of the 'rally', conveniently omitting the fact that it was lead by the Orange Order. 

Both national and regional news programmes failed to report the massive Yes rally on Buchanan Street despite having cameras following the two No campaigners on the same street.

In terms of balance the piece focuses heavily on several No campaign events/issues whilst a single event attended by Alex Salmond offers the sole coverage for the 'other side'.