vendredi, septembre 26, 2014

Scotland will force Westminster to deliver ‘Devo-Max’ promise

Debating Chamber of Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburgh
Scotland will force Westminster to deliver ‘Devo-Max’ promise
Michael Gray (24/09/2014)

The dividing lines have shifted, but not by much. The result of the referendum represents a blow to those who have campaigned tirelessly for decades. Yet the resilience and determination of those campaigning for a better Scotland has been impressive. Now the challenge is to get the best deal for Scotland. There will now be an even wider coalition who support this.

In a panicked response to the growth in support for independence, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband promised ‘Devolution Max’ by next February. The phrase ‘devolution max’ – which is from the Steel Report and ‘Your Scotland, Your Voice’ report – includes the devolution of all tax and social security powers. Opinion polling after the vote found that 25% of No voters did so for more powers.

Anything less than this will be viewed by the people of Scotland as a failure of Westminster to deliver on the economic powers Scotland’s economy needs. Membership of Yes supporting parties has more than doubled and membership of Business for Scotland also continues to grow.
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