vendredi, septembre 12, 2014

Darling meltdown: Andrew Neil interview

Publiée le 2014-09-12
This is the reality of the Big Bribe on 'more powers' - Darling can't commit, can't answer questions on specifics on tax (a former chancellor!) repeats gross distortion on £1200 per capita. It's a partial return under Barnett of the £1700/1800 we send to UK in taxes - suggesting that we 'lose' it with independence is specious nonsense. (Ruth Davidson made the same claim last night!) We can't 'lose' it - it was SOME of OUR money paid to UK in taxes! Indy gives us EVERYHING we earn - of course we 'lose' our inadequate pocket money, taken out of our income and taxes. REPEAT: As Independent Scotland - we get to keep EVERYHING we earn. He also peddle the "dependent on oil" lie - Scotland's independent economy is NOT oil dependent - oil is a great, big, fat bonus - the icing on the independence cake. (Peter Curran)