samedi, septembre 13, 2014

Conservative MP confirms a 'No' is a vote for the status quo

The No campaign's vague promises of 'more powers' in the event of a No vote have been undermined as a Conservative MP pointed out that any such move would require the approval of the UK Parliament - and Tory MPs might not be willing to give Scotland further powers.

Referring to the No campaign's panicked 'timetable' for limited further devolution, Tory MP Christopher Chote told the BBC:

"If there is a No vote then, it will be the status quo"

"'Devo max' is not an issue for the Scots alone, it's an issue for the whole of the United Kingdom.

"So if there is a No vote, then if there's any discussion about a realignment of the powers and responsibilities within the United Kingdom constitution, that should be a matter for the House of Commons as a whole, and it should be a proper balance between the interests of those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and those in Scotland."

Of course, Mr Chote is wrong in describing the No campaign’s promises as 'devo max'.
Their incredibly limited proposals would fail to give Scotland any of the job-creating powers we need to create a more prosperous country, and still don’t give us the full control of Scotland’s finances needed to protect our NHS and other public services.

While the No campaign have been telling people in Scotland that a No vote means more powers, in England the same parties are expressing increasing disquiet over the prospect of further devolution.

Particularly at issue is the question of Scotland's funding - with an increasing number of Conservative backbenchers calling for Scotland's budget to be massively cut in the event of a No vote.

Independence is the only guarantee of the powers that Scotland needs to create more jobs, protect public services like our NHS and create a fairer society for all of us.

And only a Yes vote guarantees that all of Scotland's vast wealth and resources are in Scotland's hands, so we can invest in making our country a better place to live.

With a No vote, we have the grim prospect of Tory MPs vetoing the devolution of even the crumbs from Westminster's table. Scotland deserves better.

On Thursday, we all have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take control of our nation's future and work to build a better Scotland, with a Yes.

Posted by Angus Millar, 13.09.14