jeudi, août 28, 2014

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray: St Andrews Speech

Craig Murray writes:

"Here am I talking in St Andrews two nights ago. The interesting thing is that this information has come as a revelation to so many people. I have been telling all this now for ten years, but the cover-up by the mainstream media, combined with the now incredible happening that in 2004 many people believed Jack Straw’s denials, mean that a great many people had never heard of it before. The video has been much tweeted, with unionists tweeting “if this was true why did he not say it earlier”, which as I published it all in a best-selling book eight years ago is rather amusing.

This is becoming less of a blog and more Dr Finlay’s Casebook. Still not at all well. Saw a doctor in St Andrews yesterday and temperature was 39.2. Got through last night’s speech in Inverlethen with help of whisky and green ginger but extreme coughing fits during questions. As the meeting was in the Parish church I was thinking that if I finally expire at least there was not far to carry me to the kirkyard. Insch tonight, Dundee tomorrow and Cupar Fife on Saturday. I shall live to see independence even if it kills me :-) .

I cannot begin to describe to you the incredible feeling here of renewal and of something like revolt, an upswell from ordinary people taking their own country back. It is astonishing. And never can most of an entire population so quickly have awakened from the propaganda thrall of the mainstream media. Anyone scared that an independent Scotland would still be subservient to a ruling elite should come here and just talk to people. It is the most marvelous and heartening experience imaginable.

I hope the rest of that St Andrews speech might be available sometime."